God Exists

God Exists

People often ask whether God exists. And if He does, how can it be proven? It is the most difficult question that can be asked.

God certainly exists. This is apparent mainly from four things: First, faith in God is a universal phenomenon among all mankind. From the very beginning of the time that we are able to trace mankind on earth, we find his faith in God. The most primitive men and the most civilized believe in God. And it is also true that we can say that their faith is not always right. As we noticed previously, men have believed or do believe in God as a star, or an animal, or a stone, or a man, or something else. However, the fact remains that all men of all ages believe in God. Yet it should be pointed out that there are those who contend that they do not believe in God. This is especially so in the twentieth century, where Marxists hold to an atheistic theory and philosophy. Through violence, they attempt to uproot faith in God. To some extent they have succeeded, but not entirely. The chief thing they do is that, by destroying faith in the true God, they lead people to superstition, to belief in astrology and different forms of fortune telling. But faith in God is so deeply rooted and natural to man that it cannot be anything else but true.

Secondly, the existence of the world, with its multitude of precise natural laws, leads us to believe in the existence of God. We marvel at the universe and how it is sustained in ceaseless motion without a collision that would destroy it. Even more we marvel at the human organism, at how much perfection and harmony it has. Its

functioning is one of the most complex and admired phenomena that exist. Have you ever stopped to think what a complete chemical laboratory is a little flower, which can transform water and earth into such beauty, with so many colours and fragrances? Within a single pot, plant different seeds and you get different flowers. Isn’t all of this proof that there exists a Creator? Can there be a house without a builder? Can there be a watch without someone having constructed it? A ship or an aeroplane or a spaceship that can travel without a Commander? Do not be deceived when you hear about self-propelled missiles–they have their commander from afar. Even more to the point, they have their manufacturer. We come back, therefore, to the saying, “Every house is made by someone and He that made all things is God.”

Thirdly, there is another powerful proof of the existence of God. That is, the voice of our conscience. It commends us when we do what is right, moral, and just; it censures us when we step out of line and we do what is not right, what is immoral and unjust. Who planted this voice within us? Who else but God?

Fourthly, whether we like it or not, we must accept the fact that we all have the problem of death. We are drawn to the belief in life after death and to a longing to return to our origin. We feel like migrating birds that fly away and return. We do not know why we have this feeling, but even so it leads us to believe in God and in an other-worldly origin of ours.

All that we have said up to now indicates so powerfully that there is a God, that it would be difficult for someone to doubt it. However, the real proof of the existence of God is our faith. The person who believes does not require any other proof or evidence. His faith is tangible proof of God. He does not require any evidence. He feels and experiences the existence of God. He is within God and God resides within him. If the faithful person needed proof of his own existence, then he would also need proof of God’s existence. But who doubts his own existence? Perhaps only a madman. What faithful person can doubt the existence of God? No one. But in order to be faithful, we must have a pure heart. “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall have sight of God.” Blessed and happy are those who have a pure heart, for they shall see God.

Most holy and All-knowing God, You know our souls and our hearts. You know who has a clean and who has a soiled heart. You see the faith and unbelief and deceit of men. Even more so, You know that the man who lives in misery tries to find happiness–true happiness. And it is a fact that true happiness is found only in You. Do not misunderstand us, my God. Do not turn against even the most sinful or the most unfaithful. Do not turn away from or scorn even the most blasphemous against You. We are all Your children. True, we offend You. But bear with us. Forgive us all. Grant us a clean heart in which to enthrone our belief in You. Bring it about that all may know Your existence. Live inside every human heart. Let all human existence be dedicated to You, the Creator of the Universe, the Father of us all. You exist, and we believe in You, and we worship You. With Your perfect love, You have revealed Yourself even to those who doubt You and to those who reject You.

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